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Stop online tracking with the CyberDragon privacy browser

CyberDragon proxy edition is a highly configurable open source privacy browser that will hide your online identity blocking tracking cookies, advertisements, scripts that can be used to gather information about your computer and allowing for HTTP and SOCKS proxies configuration.

The browser comes with over 30.000 privacy rules blocking 6.000 different trackers and identifies itself to websites as CyberDragon Safari using the QtWebkit rendering engine, this means that compatibility wise, any website that works in Apple Safari should work with the CyberDragon browser.

With the download you will find a PDF manual explaining what cookies and proxies are and how some of the browser privacy settings work, how to modify default privacy rules, and how to add Tor to the browser or automatically download a list of proxies for you to use.

Those who like privacy technologies will love the high configuration and wealth of information that CyberDragon browser provides about each website you visit. For example, under custom cookies rule there is a smaller window listing all cookies that have been blocked, the time stamp, domain, value, path, expiration, and security (https or not). And you get access to this information with a quick glimpse on the right.

CyberDragon privacy browser
CyberDragon privacy browser

Something that you will notice in this browser is that privacy settings always remain open as you surf the Internet, no more going into menus to see them. Moving your mouse and ticking a checkbox will change settings on the fly, the tabbed interface makes it easy to swap to a different privacy context.

The proxy settings tab has a “Get proxies” button that downloaded over 100 free proxies for me to use when I clicked on it once, the next step I did was to click the “Check proxies” to automatically probe the list of IPs port number and latency, the information showed on the screen together with the country the proxy belongs to. An extra click on “Set proxy” quickly allowed me to browse the Internet as if I was in Korea.

Further proxy settings include ticking a random proxy hoping checkbox, and another box to change your proxy with each visited page or after a determined length of time. CyberDragon’s proxy component was one of my favourite features in this browser.

Travellers will be happy to know that you don’t have to install CyberDragon, you can run it from inside a USB thumbdrive when on the go. The browser is set to store Internet cache (visited pages) in the same folder where the the program is and nothing will leak to the host computer, you can see the computer folder path where files are saved on the window and you can instruct CyberDragon not to save any cache at all, which will make page loading slower but protects you better in case of losing the USB thumbdrive.

The only downsides to this browser are the not very good looking interface, losing a third of the screen view to the to the browser settings and not having auto complete when entering a URL. I would not make CyberDragon my main browser but I would doubtless set this browser as my second browser to visit sensitive sites or to take it with me on a USB drive.

Proxy settings CyberDragon browser
Proxy settings CyberDragon browser

CyberDragon it is also an ideal browser for people living in countries hampering full disk encryption privacy by making it a criminal offence not to disclosure your encryption password to the authorities. You can use CyberDragon portable from inside an encrypted container and nothing will leak outside, besides the browser name in the Windows registry, even that can be cleaned up a privacy Internet cleaner.

This is the kind of privacy browser you want to be using if you believe the site you visit could try to trick you into downloading a virus, scripts will be blocked. It is also a browser that will stop the NSA ruse of using cookies and Google adverts to track down Tor users over the Internet, a technique mentioned in top secret NSA documents leaked by Snowden.

I have used privacy browsers like Comodo Dragon and the Epic Browser, and tested dozens of privacy addons in Firefox and Chrome. Without a doubt, what appears to a be a one man developed privacy browser, is going to make it into my list of must have portable privacy tools.

With exciting new features planned for new releases, like HTTPS everywhere, I think that you should try CyberDragon browser at least once and see for yourself how superior its privacy benefits are in comparison to similar offers.

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