Clean junk files and optimize Android with CleanWiz

CleanWiz is a free Android optimization app from ToolWiz, makers of popular PC cleaning software bearing the company name. The app helps you keep your Android device free from clutter, regaining space and speed. The app has a clean layout with a huge button in the middle that tells you how much RAM memory you are using, optimizing it with

Review F-Secure Freedome mobile phone VPN

Freedome is a paid for VPN service for Android and iOS managed by F-Secure, a Finnish online security company that has been around for many years. You can use the VPN to view geographical locked content in Netflix, protect yourself from hackers in open Wifi points, stop advertisers from gathering data about your surfing habits and block

Review free proxy browser addon ZenMate

ZenMate is a free proxy browser addon for Chrome, Opera and Firefox, it works in your desktop computer or mobile device and it has been designed to protect your Internet browsing from hackers and government spying. The addon encrypts browser traffic to stop an Internet Service Provider or malicious hacker from snooping what sites you

Review European VPN provider SecurityKiss

I have been using SecurityKiss Jadeite 50GB package for six months, this review is based on my experience with them. Before signing up the good points you will see about the company are that it is based in Ireland, a country not known to operate mass surveillance programs like the USA and UK do, and you can pay for the

DVDFab bug reports sending computer screenshots to the developers

DVDFab is a paid for Media Player made by Chinese company Fengtao Software, I was given a free license for this player in GiveAwayOfTheDay and after trying it out I was satisfied with it. The player does not have audio visualizations and very few settings can be customized but it worked with every single video and audio file I had, it is skinnable and

Review Invisible Browsing VPN – ibVPN

I have been with Invisible Browsing VPN, ibVPN, for three months now, I subscribed to their Total VPN package, slightly more expensive than the low end US IP only VPN package but it included many more locations from all over the world and ibDNS to configure your router and be able to watch georestricted online TV or play

Best wordpress plugins to limit login brute force attacks

Hacking programs to launch automatic brute force attacks against your WordPress wp-admin panel to try and guess your password are easy to find and use, any kid can download them and fire it up against your blog. The following WordPress plugins will limit the number of password tries that someone can attempt and stop brute force attacks. Besides the plugin,