Best wordpress plugins to limit login brute force attacks

Hacking programs to launch automatic brute force attacks against your WordPress wp-admin panel to try and guess your password are easy to find and use, any kid can download them and fire it up against your blog. The following WordPress plugins will limit the number of password tries that someone can attempt and stop brute force attacks. Besides the plugin,

Review cheap VPN provider SMOZ VPN

SMOZ VPN is a new budget vpn provider with servers in Canada, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia and a four other European countries. I have been using SMOZ VPN for one month, I got the account for free in their opening give away but they did not know I was about to review it, this is

Free B1 archiver with encryption the best WinZip alternative

B1 is a free Windows, Linux, Mac and Android file compressor and archiver. It supports opening of the most common file formats, like .zip, .zipx, .rar, .7z and others. When it comes to creating files B1 will compress data with its own format called .b1 or alternatively .zip for compatibility with other programs. There is no adware or toolbars

5 different ways to bypass Hulu block on VPN providers

As of today, Hulu has decided to pro-actively block people using a VPN service to watch their TV programs. It is still possible to access Hulu with a VPN but it takes lots of trying and testing to find and IP that has not been blocked. Here you can find five different ways to get

Encrypted business collaboration platform Crypho

Crypho is a cloud based application to securely chat and share notes and files in real time, encryption is end to end, not even the staff managing the collaboration platform can access the information. There is no need to install anything to run Crypho in your computer, encryption and key management runs in the background. Before

Walnut Secure Email with P2P end to end encryption

Walnut Secure Email is a cross platform desktop and mobile device software to secure your existing email accounts, Walnut Secure Email works with any free email service like Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail or corporate email servers. The program will encrypt all messages end to end using the uncrackable AES256-bit cipher. After downloading Walnet Secure Email you will

Encrypted voice calls and secure chat with Silentel

Silentel is a scalable suite for secure communications, it can be used in mobile devices and desktop computers. The program provides a software based solution to protect your voice calls, secure chat, file transfer and text messages from wire tapping Data is secured with end to end encryption, there is a central server redirecting traffic to