Free anti keylogger Oxynger KeyShield

Free anti keylogger program Oxynger KeyShield

Oxynger KeyShield is a free anti keylogger virtual keyboard to securely communicate with the page or Windows application you are typing characters in and stop malware from capturing keystrokes. You can use Oxynger KeyShield  as portable or install it in your computer, it only requires the Microsoft .NET framework present, most computers should have it.

The program works with all major browsers and it can type in passwords in encryption programs like Safe House Explorer, cloud software like SpiderOak or Bitcoin wallet Electrum. I did not manage to make Oxynger KeyShield work with more popular open source encryption programs like VeraCrypt and Keepass. You can find a list of compatible Windows applications in Oxynger homepage.

Oxynger KeyShield will protect you from physical keyloggers connected to your computer hardware, and software based keyloggers that take regular screenshots of your screen activities. It is not possible to take a screenshot or video recording of the virtual keyboard, if you try to do this a black window will show instead of the keys. Kernel, hook and API keyloggers are all thwarted when you are using Oxynger KeyShield, which in my testing was compatible with all websites I tried it on, the keyboard can be resized and moved around, remembering the size and position for the next run.

Free anti keylogger Oxynger KeyShield
Free anti keylogger Oxynger KeyShield

You also get protection from people looking over your shoulder to see what keys you click on, Oxynger KeyShield can change the mouse pointer to a tiny black dot that only someone really close to the screen can see and keyboard keys are not highlighted.

Another protective measure stops mouse logging, where a trojan reads the mouse movements. Oxynger KeyShield does not use a default QWERTY keyboard, a random lay out starts with each launch. All of these security settings can be easily configured inside menu options.

Be aware that the on screen Windows virtual keyboard that comes with all Windows operating systems has not been designed to stop keyloggers, it is there to help people with disabilities to type, you can not rely on it to defeat keyloggers.

The best computer protection you can have is an updated antivirus and firewall to make sure that no virus or trojan ever gets in your computer, but antivirus programs do not always pick up everything. Using a virtual keyboard to log into financial sites will considerably strengthen your security. A program like Oxynger KeyShield should be a must have on an Internet cafe, library or work computer where you have no control over the hardware and operating system.

Oxynger KeyShield is not as complete as paid software like SpyShelter Stop-logger or Zemana antikeylogger but it does a good job and it won’t cost you anything.

Visit Oxynger KeyShield homepage

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