Video: How to use Mixmaster to send anonymous emails

Mixmaster is is an anonymous remailer software, tt encrypts your email messages before sending them and routes the messages through a series of anonymous proxies, you can choose how many nodes and what proxies you want on the chain, blacklisting a particular remailer server if you don’t trust it, mixmaster also provides protection against traffic analysis by delaying the sending of the messages.

This Linux Journal video introduces Mixmaster and explains how you can download it to your own Unix machine and help the Internet anonymity cause running an anonymous email server.

Mixmaster runs on *BSD, Linux and Microsoft Windows. If you have questions about remailers and Mixmaster one of the best points of calls is the newsgroup: alt.privacy.anon.server

You can read the mailing list for remailer operators, and subscribe, at:

Mixmaster remailer software homepage:

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