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Anonymous Tor network router Safeplug

Safeplug is a network appliance that can be attached to your Internet router to hide all home devices IP’s by redirecting your home network traffic through the Tor onion proxy. This will make you anonymous from websites you visit and also encrypt your connection, protecting you from government agencies and hackers snooping alike.

The device runs a hardly noticeable embedded Linux OS, Safeplug is desktop and smartphone independent, compatible with all operating systems and browsers. Needed configuration is minimum, it only needs activation visiting Safeplug website when you first buy it.

Advanced users can enjoy configuration settings like blacklisting URLs so that certain websites are never accessed with Tor. You would want to do this with your online banking accounts and Paypal. Financial companies are known to block accounts accessed from abroad or by anonymous proxies like Tor, as this is how criminals often cover up their tracks, due the high anonymity Tor brings.

Anonymous Tor network router Safeplug
Anonymous Tor network router Safeplug

With a few mouse clicks Safeplug can be turned on and off, block advertisements or run as a Tor exit node, after a warning of the implications that this means. Another given preference is to have Safeplug identify your Internet browser headers and instruct it to only use Tor when you are using, for example, Firefox, and not to go through Tor when you browse the Internet with a secondary browser like Chrome.

The main advantages of Safeplug over the Tor browser bundle is that it is extraordinarily easy to set up, it works with any operating system and browser, it routes the whole home network through Tor instead of a single computer, and it comes with a few cool configuration options not found in the Tor browser bundle.

Safeplug also allows the paranoid to use a VPN on their desktop or smartphone and Tor in the router, adding an extra hoop to the onion layer. But this is likely an overkill. History shows that Tor exploits have only been found in the software you run in your computer, like running an outdated browser, there has never been a case of anybody being tracked down across Tor bouncing tunnels unless it is by exploiting a compromised website and vulnerable software.

To restrict Safeplug makers from tracking users, future firmware updates will not be forced onto you, they have to be manually pulled.

Concerns about Safeplug include that the router has to be activated prior to use and there are no design documents available that can be seen, This is not a community project like Tor, still, I think that it has its uses, the main one being that it is a plug and play and forget about it device that will work with everything you have.

Visit Safeplug homepage

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