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How to change Lynx browser colours

Lynx browser colouring will only be possible if it has been built with colour style support, if you need to change your Lynx browser defaults colours you will have to edit: Line 2905 of /etc/lynx.cfg that is where the appearance values start, all you have to do to change Lynx colours is to uncomment the lines you will see there.

Linux Solarize colour scheme
Linux Solarize colour scheme

Changing the colour settings in lynx.cfg¬†will not get rid of the black background, which can be hard to read when working in a shell through SSH, to get rid of the black background edit the file named /etc/lynx.lss and eliminate the following lines: # If you really want the terminal’s default colors, and if lynx is built using # ncurses’ default-color support, remove these two lines: normal: normal: lightgray:black To find out Lynx style sheet location check out LYNX_LSS environment variable.

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