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Chapcrack decrypts VPN PPTP and WPA2 traffic

A new tool called Chapcrack can recover the encryption keys used by the widely used WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access) protocol, used to secure wireless networks, and the PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) VPN used to secure network traffic, the tool exploits a weakness in Microsoft’s MS-CHAPv2 handshake authentication protocol included in various encryption technologies. Chapcrack captures MS-CHAPv2 network traffic and reduces its encryption strength to a single DES (Data Encryption Standard) key making it easy to crack in a matter of hours with cloud computers or a few days with a dedicated cracking desktop computer, having a strong password would not protect you and still be crackable as the encryption key is considerbly weakened.

Laptop Wifi WPA hacking
Laptop Wifi WPA hacking

The tool is targeted at PEN testers and network administrators wanting to test their own network security but obviously the bad guys can also use it to break into people’s networks and sniff traffic. The outdated Microsoft’s point-to-point tunnelling protocol has been plagued with security problems since its release but it is extensively used due to Windows operating system supporting it by default, Chapcrack’s developers expect people to realise how insecure PPTP is and ┬ástop using it once and for all switching to more secure technologies like OpenVPN and IPsec.

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