Review cheap VPN provider SMOZ VPN

SMOZ VPN is a new budget vpn provider with servers in Canada, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia and a four other European countries. I have been using SMOZ VPN for one month, I got the account for free in their opening give away but they did not know I was about to review it, this is an impartial review and they don´t have any affiliate program that pays me for writting this.

I had high expectations from SMOZ VPN because, although the brand is new, their parent company, VPNSecure, has been around for quiet a few years and having used them in the past I was upbeat with VPNSecure quality of services and support. SMOZ VPN is a cheap version of VPNSecure with less servers than their parent company but the same support and the same 24 hours log retention privacy policy. I also spotted the staff names of the people that provided me support in VPNSecure answering SMOZ VPN questions.

SMOZ VPN budget VPN provider
SMOZ VPN budget VPN provider

I give SMOZ VPN Windows client a satisfactory rating, but not amazing. I liked the simplicity of being able to select any server with just a click and the clear layout informing you of the vpn server IP you are utilizing. As a downside, I did not like that you are not informed of the city where the vpn is located, you are only told the country, and in the USA you only know if the server is in the East or West coast.

The VPN client settings allows you to configure it to stop DNS leaks and to stop all Internet activity when your VPN connection drops by simply ticking a checkbox. These are two very common privacy threats and I was delighted to be able to secure myself with little effort.

You can use the VPN in Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iPhone but not the Chromebook, the ultra secure SMOZ SSL VPN protocol is not supported by Chrome OS, Google, Chrome OS developer, is to blame for this.

Strong points of SMOZ VPN are that there is no bandwidth cap, you can use it for P2P and the subscription includes a firewall and malware protection at VPN level. Another extra point should be added to SMOZ VPN for allowing Bitcoin payments as well as Paypal, and for automatic activation of your account within minutes. Server speed was awesome, matching my home ISP 10Mbps most times, but bear in mind that they just opened for business, and I can’t tell if lack of customers was the reason for the great VPN speed.

A couple of bad points I would give to this VPN are that they don’t have any server in Asia and that a few of their USA VPN nodes were blocked by Hulu when I tried them. In the end I managed to find a US server that worked in Hulu and I don´t wish to be too hard on SMOZ VPN for having a few of their servers blocked, this is common with all vpn providers, as long one of the server works that is all I need.

Android OpenVPN client
Android OpenVPN client

You can connect as many devices as you like with a single VPN account, mobile, laptop or desktop computers, but all of them will have to be on the same network/home Internet connection. SMOZ VPN monthly prices are not competitive having into account that this is a cut out version with less than a dozen servers.

To get a cheap deal you will have to pay for SMOZ VPN yearly. A 7 day money back guarantee that covers all payment methods, including Bitcoins, will allow you try out SMOZ VPN with peace of mind.

As long as you don’t need a server in Asia and you don’t mind not knowing in what cities the server is located in, I don’t see anything wrong with SMOZ VPN. Their excellent privacy policy deleting logs in 24 hours is what makes this company to stand out of the competition, together with an impressive support team that includes live chat, I totally recommend them.

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