Review F-Secure Freedome mobile phone VPN

Freedome is a paid for VPN service for Android and iOS managed by F-Secure, a Finnish online security company that has been around for many years. You can use the VPN to view geographical locked content in Netflix, protect yourself from hackers in open Wifi points, stop advertisers from gathering data about your surfing habits and block pages containing malware.

The VPN connection is encrypted and it also stops your Internet Service Provider from seeing what sites you visit. The only thing this VPN might not be able to help you with is bypassing Internet filtering if a network administrator has DNS censorship in place. Normally companies use hardware firewalls to block access to undesirable websites, like social media, it can be very tricky finding a hole in a school Internet filtering set up, it is a matter of having networking knowledge and getting lucky, Freedome is being marketed for privacy and security and not as a way to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Freedome F-Secure OpenVPN smartphone
Freedome F-Secure OpenVPN smartphone

Freedome has servers in Europe, North America and Asia, unlimited bandwidth and they keep no logs. Tapping Freedome’s big single button starts the VPN in your phone and automatically connects to the closest server to you, it can be changed to any other location you like, the UK, USA, Sweden and Hong Kong are all available in between many others. For a smartphone only VPN, I was very pleased with the wide range of servers and speed.

The level of protection provided can be customized to your needs. One example would be the Internet browsing protection checking websites you visit for viruses, this feature can be turned off in Freedome if you feel it is not needed. I have been using this VPN app for 6 months in my Android phone and I have never noticed any kind of slow down with the virus protection on, the only reason why you might want to disable it, is if you don’t trust F-Secure to filter out harmful sites for you.

I experienced a few disconnections with Freedome, it wasn’t too often, but sometimes, like once a week, my VPN would disconnect in the middle of a session for no reason, very annoying. Google Play reviews of this app parade more customers complaining about disconnections, the developers surely know about the problem and lets cross fingers that it will be fixed.

There is no desktop version for this app, it has been developed for smarpthones only, this gives Freedome more leverage when it comes to protect you than other VPN services supporting desktop and mobile phones. Every single security layer that Freedome provides you can be switched on and off.

In VPNs that are not smartphone specific you only get protection for your Internet connection in Wifi hotspots and anonymity hiding your IP, no protection at all from malware infecting your smartphone. Freedome can check what apps do and it will not allow you to download an app that contains a virus.

Freedome F-Secure VPN server location
Freedome F-Secure VPN server location

Another good point for Freedome is that unlike other companies claiming to provide a secure VPN for smartphones selling the insecure PPTP protocol without informing the customer that PPTP encryption can be cracked, Freedome provides you with pure OpenVPN that has no known vulnerabilities.

I was using Freedome at home because it was free during the beta testing, I didn’t feel I needed it, my home wireless connection is already protected with WPA2, but the VPN was useful to stop advertisers tracking me browsing the Internet. Now that my VPN trial has expired I will be using the Dolphin Zero browser to avoid storing cookies in my smartphone, but for those travelling and using a smartphone at hotels access points, I think that a VPN is a must have, otherwise what you do on the network can be captured by anybody.

I liked Freedome’s simplicity and easy to use, I was not so fond of their prices, for slightly more money you can buy a cheap desktop and mobile phone VPN provider, what might make you buy Freedome VPN over something like PIA VPN, is that Freedome has malware protection on top of their VPN, and other services do not.

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