Review European VPN provider SecurityKiss

I have been using SecurityKiss Jadeite 50GB package for six months, this review is based on my experience with them. Before signing up the good points you will see about the company are that it is based in Ireland, a country not known to operate mass surveillance programs like the USA and UK do, and you can pay for the VPN using Bitcoins, this protects you from credit card theft and it hides your identity. To sweeten the deal, SecurityKiss Bitcoin VPN prices are cheaper than buying it with a credit card or Paypal.

The company claims to only keep logs for 10 days, they should be complimented for being open about their logging policy, unlike other VPN providers that hide essential privacy information, SecurityKiss FAQ is very complete and clear about what information they collect when you use their VPN. In can be summed up in time and duration of the VPN connection, computer IP, and bandwidth used. They also disclose why this is necessary, to protect their company from abusive customers. The 10 days log retention is far lower than the one or two year retention logs that some email providers and ISPs keep and it seems reasonable.

European VPN provider SecurityKiss
European VPN provider SecurityKiss

Other things I liked from SecurityKiss are support for Linux, Mac and mobile devices, a lightweight easy to use Windows VPN client displaying at a glance monthly data usage and the server IP that you are connected to with the country flag,  the unique Octopus tunnelling to bypass firewalls and what SecurityKiss calls “Exclusive tunnelling“, a tunnel wrapped around your VPN connection to stop traffic from leaking out, the technology protects your real IP from exposure. When “Exclusive tunnelling” is active, if the VPN disconnects for whatever reason, you have to manually restore your Internet connectivity, there will be no automatic reconnection.

The not too appealing details are the bandwidth cap in the cheaper packages, for a higher price you get unlimited bandwidth but I didn’t think it was cheap, I would not call it expensive, just slightly above average. Paying for a yearly package with Bitcoins is the best deal and makes it worthwhile. What I found astounding is that SecurityKiss only had a single server marked for torrent downloads. I tested the server speed located in France and I was getting around 5Mbps, I am not saying this is a steady result, I tested it twice, the problem I had is that with only one server available for file sharing, if anything happens to it you are stuck and can’t switch anywhere else.

I also was not very happy about SecurityKiss “Server load” page meant to display the best server to connect to for speed, the page did not display accurate results. I would often connect to a server showed as having a low load and it would deliver a lousy under 1Mbps, I would then connect to a different server marked as heavily loaded and my speed would be faster, after multiple tests I decided not to trust server load indicators and just connect at random.

SecurityKiss VPN control panel
SecurityKiss VPN web control panel

As for online streaming, half of SecurityKiss USA servers were blocked by Hulu, I was never in a position where none of them would work, I just  had to keep switching them until I found the good ones, you only have to do it one time and remember the locations. It would have been more convenient if SecurityKiss had marked servers working with Hulu like I have seen other VPN providers do. Something else you should be aware of is that SecurityKiss does not have any server in Asia, I don’t care about it since I live in Europe but it could be important for other people.

Overall, I would give SecurityKiss a pass grade because it does what it is supposed to do but given prices, locations and far too often finding myself on low speed servers, this is not a VPN company I would recommend, not because they are very bad, but because there are competitors offering you more bang for your buck. Before signing up, I would look at other European VPN providers like Kepard, iVPN or HideIPVPN.

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