Clean junk files and optimize Android with ToolWiz Cleaner

ToolWiz Cleaner is a free Android optimisation app that helps you keep your Android device free from clutter, regaining space and speed. The app has a clean layout with a huge button in the middle that tells you how much RAM memory you are using, optimising it with just a tap. I don’t know how accurate the numbers ToolWiz Cleaner gives you are, but if they are correct, the app was able to give me back half of my RAM memory by killing not needed background processes. Having said that, I have never had a problem where I ran out of RAM, the main advantage is that by reducing the processes in your phone, you save battery life.

There are two top icons in ToolWiz Cleaner displaying your Android phone temperature and storage space, tapping on them brings up a new screen with complete statistics, you can see your Android phone CPU and battery temperature in eye candy graphics that display CPU usage and frequency,the storage icon brings up the system and internal SD card storage usage.

Android junk cleaner CleanWiz
Android junk cleaner ToolWiz Cleaner

Another four icons at the bottom of ToolWiz Cleanerare labelled “Junk Cleaner“, “App Manager“, “Privacy&Security” and “Memory Boost“. Tapping on “Privacy&Security” automatically cleans your Chrome browser search and URL history, it also displays shortcuts to Android Call log, SMS and photo optimizer for you to clean those traces using internal tools that Android supplies. In the same section you can see an Autorun tab showing all apps running in the background, I tried to disable the idle running flashlight app in the background and a window popped up informing me that I needed root authority to do that, this greatly reduces the benefits of that section since I am not willing to risk harm to my Android phone by rooting it.

What I highly recommend you to look at is the “Permissions” tab in the privacy section, you will be able to see the specific information that the apps installed in your phone can access. For example, I was surprised to see that my DU battery saver and Clean Master apps can access something as personal as the device IMEI number (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity), I can’t understand why those apps need my phone serial number and I find it meddlesome that a company would want to know a number hard coded into the device only meant to be used to disable the phone if it gets stolen, the number should be out of boundaries for a battery saving and cleaning app, so, thank you CleanWiz for letting me know about this. In the same tab you can also see what apps are able to access your call log and phone contacts, in my case it was limited to Google Play, it is worthwhile for a user to check this out, call logs and contacts are another piece of personal data that should be kept out of apps access if you value your privacy.

I ran the “Clean Master” cleaning app right after ToolWiz Cleaner and it only found 8MB of extra junk in my gallery and system cache that ToolWiz Clenaerhad missed. I believe both apps are good but I am now going to uninstall “Clean Master” and go with ToolWiz Cleaner instead. The main reason for that are the privacy features that ToolWiz Clenaer gives you. I was particularly unhappy that “Clean Master” was able to access my phone’s IMEI number and if it wasn’t for ToolWiz Cleaner I would have never know about it, from now ToolWiz Cleaner will be my main Android cleaning app.

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