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Seeks, the decentralized P2P private search engine

Seeks is a decentralized open source (AGPLv3) P2P search engine with robust user privacy, it can be installed in most Linux computers. Seeks aims to present results ranked by users, it will automatically group users performing similar queries, within those groups Seeks allows for community filtering, commenting and ranking of search results, users can directly post a URI recommending it to the group bypassing the need for crawlers, the final search outcome is derived from the community input combined with results from commercial search engines like Google or Bing and public data like RSS feeds and social networks.

Seeks P2P search allows you to easily build a private personalized search engine benefiting from user’s expertise, it does not have any built-in crawler, relaying on a┬ádistributed collaborative filtering algorithm for results.

Seeks P2P search engine open source
Seeks P2P search engine open source

Unlike search engines with a central server, in Seeks personal information remains on the user’s machine, this is important as it contains a profile of your search queries, the profile is used by Seeks to give you recommendations, shared information is hashed or encrypted over the network. Storing your profile locally Seeks guarantees privacy and makes it very difficult for a central authority to censor the search engine.

If you don’t want to run Seek in your computer the project provides a list of public search nodes open to everyone, operating system independent, some Seeks servers have SSL and IPv6 support with no logging, they all follow Opensearch specifications, a standard accessible format for search results.

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