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Secure encrypted social network Syme

Syme is a secure social network that encrypts all data, status updates and photos you upload. Everything is private by default, only after you invite someone they are able to read the posts or join a group. Syme’s own staff can’t read the data, any third party hacking onto their Canadian servers will not be able to see anything.

Encryption is carried out in your browser with Javascript, applying an open source cryptolibrary developed by the distinguished Stanford Computer Security Lab for authentication and symmetric AES256-bit encrypting shared data. The only way for someone to find out what you are posting would be to directly penetrate your computer or being a member of your group stealing’s someone’s identity.

The social network stores time stamps and logging IPs, allegedly these are erased after 24 hours, making spy agencies life more difficult. Other metadata Syme stores includes what users communicated with each other as well as uploaded file size. Database error logs, session storage and message queuing logs are kept for an unspecified time.

Encrypted social network Syme
Encrypted social network Syme

Syme’s interface, as you can appreciate in the screenshot above, is tidy and clean, similar to Google+, with familiar social networking elements like a notification bell icon and like and unlike buttons, one novelty is that next to each uploaded file you will see a “Decrypt” button.

The main benefit of using Syme over Facebook is that you do not need special tools or knowledge to encrypt and decrypt data, this is implemented in the background, and personal data is not being sold to third parties in the form of the targeted tracking advertisement used by Facebook.

Another major benefit is that by holding everything encrypted in the server without possibility of decryption law enforcement can not ask Syme to provide them with a list of all your posts in clear text. Although it should still be possible to serve Syme with a Court order compelling them to monitor an account friend’s connections and computer IPs used.

Account deletion is easy to find in settings, when you delete your account the complete network activity, including email address, is overwritten several times.

The only downside is that at the moment Syme is only available as a Chrome browser extension. Firefox and Safari addon are in the works, with possible apps for Android and iPhone depending on success.

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