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Registrars with free privacy whois registration for ever

Some domain name registrations, like .at (Austria) or .nl (Netherlands) hide registration details by default, other domain extensions like .us (USA) do not allow private domain registration, and the .eu domain name only allows private registration for individuals, but not companies. Check individual domain name registration rules if you want privacy.

The most used top level domain names .com, .net or .org allow privacy registration but somebody acting as a proxy is needed for this. A few registrars, like NameCheap and NameBright only offer the first year of whois privacy for free, after that you are asked to pay a yearly fee for the privilege, small fees quickly grow to unsustainable.

Entering a fake name and address in the registration details is free but it breaks ICANN rules, webmasters doing that can be reported online in the ICANN website and your domain name can be taken away. ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, also requires domain registrars to keep customer contact data intact in escrow, this protects your domain name from being lost if the registrar used to protect your privacy goes out of business.

The following list contains domain name registrars delivering no tricks free privacy whois registration for ever included in the price of the domain name:

DreamHost: US hosting company that can register domain names without having to necessarily host with them, but if you decide that you also need shared hosting, the price of the domain will be free together with the whois privacy registration service, for as long as you remain a custome.

NameSilo: Very cheap domain prices from a US company that offers lifetime whois privacy registration. Special bulk prices for domainers and an interface able to manage domain portfolios. The account includes other free perks like Domain Defender to secure your domain name from hijacking. Get $1 off using the discount code: dusk

Gandi: Company based in France that will mask your domain name registration details with a French address and you will not be charged extra for the privacy services. The only condition they have is that privacy can only be used by individuals, not businesses, you are also given a free mailbox for your domain.

MrDomain: Spanish company that will mask your whois registration with a Spanish address in the Balearic Islands, free whois privacy for ever included with the price of the domain name, if you are an European resident though, you will be charged VAT tax when you buy a domain name.

Hover: Canadian company that includes lifetime whois privacy registration. I found single domain registration slightly above average but there are volume discounts. The more domains you have with them, the less you will pay in renewal fees.

UniRegistry: A US based company providing free whois privacy for the life of the domain you register,optional two step verification with your smartphone to log into your account. This domain registrar includes unique domainer tools, it lets you upload documents and pictures connecting them to a single domain in your account, this is meant to help you out remember sale queries.

Domain name privacy whois registration
Domain name privacy whois registration


CosmoTown: Straight forward Korean company, with US offices, that bows to never charge a higher renewal domain registration fee than what you paid for the initial domain registration. Whois privacy is included for life and they have a price comparison table contrasting their offer with that of major providers. This registrar is very competitively priced.

InternetBS: With an office in the Bahamas but owned by a British company, I used to be with them but I transferred the domain out after the company was taken over by new management and they started to charge VAT tax to European customers. InternetBS offers free lifelong privacy domain registration with partial or full privacy protection.

Domain Monster: British owned registrar that will let you opt out of the whois database using their domain privacy registration details instead. Like all other European companies listed here, they charge VAT tax to European customers. If you don’t live in the EU you don’t have to worry about it, otherwise, you could be better off with a US registrar.

Above: Australian domain name registrar geared towards domain investors, on top of free whois domain privacy, there is a domain marketplace and parking manager where you can try to monetize your domain names with integrated reports on paid per click income and domain name traffic.

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