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Erase Chrome browser tracks including Flash cookies with Click&Clean

Click&Clean is a Chrome and Firefox browser addon to expunge your computer from Internet browser history and temporary local files. One of the main advantages of Click&Clean is that you will not have to close the browser to run it and it will also erase the few traces left in Incognito mode.This review is based on the Chrome extension, the Firefox addon has similar features but a different interface.

Click&Clean will not securely wipe the data, you should not rely on it to highly protect your privacy since specialist undelete software is able to recover anything erased with it, the extension is handy to increase available hard drive space by getting rid of left over files and stopping low level adversaries.

After installing Click&Clean you will see a “C” letter logo on your Chrome toolbar, when clicked on, it will display a tabbed window inyterface divided into “System“, “Chrome“, and “Main”.

Chrome browser extension Quick&Clean
Chrome browser extension Click&Clean

The “Main” tab facilitates a door to a subwindow to securely close the browser, this component protects you by promptly closing the Chrome browser and executing all clearing settings with a single click. Useful if somebody at home or work walks up to you in the middle of a browsing session.

A “Disk Cleanup” button launches the Windows disk clean up own utility, the button is nothing else than a shorcut. The “Privacy Test” button takes you to a simple whois page showing your computer IP and operating system but ┬áthere are no tests performed about Java, Flash and other browser plugins that could endanger your privacy online.

The “Cookies” and “History” subwindow open a URL with an embedded widget that shows local cookies and Internet history, here you can move cookies that need to be kept and erase all others. Another subwindow called “Scan for Malware” opens a website with a Bitdefender widget that scans your computer on the cloud.

Inside the “Chrome” tab you can see subwindows opening a page that shows you the stored cache or browsing history and a link that opens a very simple password generator that does not allow configuration. And the third tab called “System”, shows you a variety of coloured subwindows that are nothing else than shortcuts to already existing Windows OS tools like the uninstall interface, display settings, device manager, Windows services, etc.

There are various things I did not like from this extension, the first one is that it will not securely wipe data but only erase it, the second thing is that cookies storage can not be searched and the third is that the extension main elements are nothing else than shortcuts to Windows tools that are hard to manually find in the operating system.

Other than the one click Internet browsing erasing and being capable of removing flash cookies, I could not see too much value for advanced users on Click&Clean and I would only suggest installation of this extension to computer beginners as it will help them to habituate to Windows administrative tools and understand the files that an Internet browser saves when a website is visited.

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