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Anonymous social messaging app PeeeM

PeeeM is a chat messaging tool for Android and iPhone to anonymously connect with people based on personal interests. PeeeM can create your own chat group or give you access to one of the existent ones but you will need to know the name of the room, there is no public list of available groups.

Unlike Facebook, in PeeeM you don’t have to provide your real identity to open an account, this allows users to discuss controversial subjects without fear of being discriminated, fired from their jobs or prosecuted if they live in under an oppressive regime. This app will protect those planning peaceful political change, but not people breaking common international laws, like drug dealing and fraud.

Anonymous social messenger PeeeM
Anonymous social messenger PeeeM

This messaging app is a LINE, Viber or WhatsApp alternative with the distinction that it will never ask for your real name, address or phone number and the company claims that the only data they store is the PeeeM ID you made up to communicate with other users. Calls and messages are delivered directly to the person you chat with and not stored by the company servers.

Opening an account with PeeeM is as easy as entering an email account, that requires no verification, choosing a password and a username. The only visible part to other PeeeM users will be your username, the app has Google+, Facebook and Twitter links integrated for you to be able post your PeeeM ID to a social network and allow others to join you or your group.

App settings are simple but sufficient, you can upload an avatar and change the chat bubble colour, to switch from personal chat to a group chat, you only have to slide a window. The background can’t be changed but this was not a great deal for me, I was more interested in being able to broadcast a message to group of people in my contac book which PeeeM allows me to do although it would have been nice a little more personalisation on top of the many available emojis.

PeeeM is a social app that will not violate your privacy or reveal any information about you unless you choose to do that yourself, it is next to impossible to have data leaks in PeeeM, everything is private by default and the company knows very little about its users, best of all, there are no advertisements and data is not sold to third parties.

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