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StickyPassword is a Windows program that will help you securely store your unique online passwords and sync them across Android or iOS devices. The latest StickyPassword 7 optional cloud synchronization requires an annual fee and gives you access to a web interface where you can add or remove devices to your account.

When you first launch StickyPasword dekstop you will be asked if you would like to create an online account to back up and sync your passwords in the cloud. There is a virtual keyboard to stop key loggers if you are worried about this, but in my opinion using a virtual key logger all the time it is very time consuming and although ideally you should use it, practically it is not possible unless time is not a concern for you.

After the optional StickyID on the cloud has been created you will be asked to compose a master password that will be used to encrypt the local database, both passwords are independent of each other. A password meter indicates how strong the password is but it did not impress me much. For testing purposes I made up a weak password consisting of a dictionary word with a number repeated twice and the meter signalled it as very strong.

StickyPassword sync
StickyPassword sync

One thing that StickyPassword should be commended for is forcing people to tick a checkbox saying that they have read and understood the paragraph stating how important remembering the master password is. Most people tend not to read instructions during software installation and this is a good way to get their attention to something extremely important.

I admired the number of browsers that StickyPassword supports, it detected my Comodo Dragon browser correctly, and Opera, Seamonkey and other little used browser are all supported even the email  client Mozilla Thunderbird.

StickyPassword database is saved as .spdb and encrypted in your computer using AES256bit after some salting. If you selected to sync it, the data will be send encrypted to your cloud account so that if anything bad happens only encrypted data would leak.

This password manager has a truly fascinating tabbed interface that emphatically integrates with Windows 8 and it has been admirably structured. Besides passwords you can store bookmarks, notes and online identities, each section is further grouped into interests, classifying data is straight forward and uncomplicated.

Auto filling in Firefox worked fine, no problems at all, a configurable hotkey allows you to auto login to save time. When you register in a new site StickyPassword will automatically ask you if you would like to save the new credentials into the database. This is a tidy and attractive password manager very easy to use.

StickyPassword virtual keyboard
StickyPassword virtual keyboard

One of StickyPassword  downsides is the annual fee to sync passwords in the cloud, you can have the same feature for free with Lastpass. But the my biggest concern with this program does not belong to StickyPassword alone, it is a criticism of proprietary password managers in general. My experience has been that you have to be ready to keep paying to upgrade the software every year during your lifetime.

Future password manager versions might not come with a compatible database format or support might be dropped for old programs, the kind of upgrade persuasion that always works. When your whole digital life access is stored in a single place you have no choice but to pay for it.

My advice is that unless you are willing to pay for a password manager license every year, it is best you go with an open source password manager like Keepass or Password Safe, they are not as complete and easy to use like StickyPassword but they will save you money and they are equally secure or even more.

If you are the type that just needs a good interface for your password manager and annual licenses are not an issue, StickyPassword is probably the best choice you will find for Windows.

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