irssi SSL IRC chat

Secure chat in IRC, how to choose the SSL port in irssi

Anyone who likes the command line and shell will love the irssi IRC chat client, it can also work as an administration tool for IRC operators and the software, although originally only available for Linux and BSD, has been ported to Windows.

Good quality IRC networks will offer you secure SSL chat but you will need to specify the port for this, the most common ports in IRC  for secure (SSL) connections are  6697/9999, however it will depend on the network, the usual port for plain IRC chat without SSL is 6667, or something in between 6660/6670.

To choose your preferred port in irssi (Rizon network):

/server -p 6667

This example uses the Rizon IRC network , a well known IRC network with many chatrooms of Japanese hentai, manga, anime, lolicon, furry, etc.


irssi SSL IRC chat
irssi SSL IRC chat

Anyone can write plugins and additional features for open source software, and irssi has dozens of useful scripts available.

Useful irssi scripts /WHOIS all the users who send you a private message. Encrypt IRC communication with blowfish encryption Records a topic history and locks the channel topic This script will authorize you into NickServ File server for irssi Cron implementation, allows to execute commands at given interval/time /CLONES – Display clones in the active channel (with added options) Encodes and decodes into binary what you and others type in the channel Another auto away script

To download those scripts and many more visit:

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