Quantum encryption padlock

Quantum resistant encryption CodeCrypt

CodeCrypt is an open source cryptography tool using quantum resistant algorithms based on the McEliece cryptosystem, an asymmetric encryption algorithm developed by mathematician Robert McEliece and candidate algorithm for the post-quantum cryptography world, using cryptographic primitives not breakable by quantum computers. The software works like GnuPG, you can digitally sign and encrypt data using a public and private encryption key scheme, anybody who knows his way around GnuPG will have very little learning curve.

Quantum encryption padlock
Quantum encryption padlock

CodeCrypt public encryption keys can be identified looking at the key header, with the random looking data comprised in between “——ccr begin publickeys  ——” and “——ccr end publickeys —–-“. The software only works in Unix based systems, handled from the command line and distributed in tar.gz packages. Usage is well documented with a help file included, operation resembles command line GPG, for example to sign a message you type “crc -s” or “crc –sign“, to encrypt afile you would type “crc -e” and to decrypt “crc -d“.

The paranoid should create a large key size to stop an attack with the quantum Grover’s algorithm attempting to crack your encryption key, the developer carried out speed tests in his thesis, comparing CodeCrypt with GnuPG and speed difference in between them was unnoticeable.

Note: Program is in beta and the author is a self-taught cryptographer, use with caution.

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