Anonymous operating system Kodachi Linux

Antiforensics Tor distribution Kodachi Linux

Kodachi is a Debian based Linux distribution that comes with Tor, a VPN and DNSCrypt. The desktop is a customized Gnome with custom scripts that let you manage everything using a good  looking graphical interface.

With the open source system monitor utility Conky you can see real time information about your live Internet connection. Assigned VPN IP, Tor country exit node, open ports,  CPU and RAM spikes as well as bandwidth consumption are all shown in the background as you surf the Internet.

Secure cloud providers are integrated with the distro, you can access Dropbox, SpiderOak or Wuala to upload files to the cloud. Very useful when running a live operating system and you need to save data without leaving tracks behind. I normally use my email Inbox to do that but a cloud account is more suitable for big files.

Anonymous Tor distribution Kodachi Linux
Anonymous Tor distribution Kodachi Linux

A couple of clicks can stop/restart the VPN tunnel or choose your preferred Tor country exit node. Popular encryption tools like Truecrypt and Keepass, as well as Gnu Privacy Assistant, a graphical interface for using public key GnuPG encryption, are all included in Kodachi, together with multiple wireless drivers so that everything works out of the box as soon as you boot the live DVD.

Other useful software found in Kodachi are FTP client FileZilla, VoIP Skype, remote desktop sharing TeamViewer, SSH client PuTTY, secure Instant Messenger Jitsi, PDF reader FoxIt, media player VLC, graphics editor The Gimp and office suite Libreoffice. It will be difficult to find something missing a home user needs and not there. In case you have to add packages the default username is Kodachi and root password r@@t00

Kodachi has a hard drive installer but it is not recommended you convert it into a desktop OS as the distribution would lose anti-forensics effectiveness by not running applications in RAM memory and touching the hard drive, even then, BleachBit comes with Kodachi to securely wipe Internet browser history and cache.

Anonymous operating system Kodachi Linux
Anonymous operating system Kodachi Linux

The active free VPN tunnel in Kodachi is paid for by taking 1% of your computer processing power (CPU) to mine the cryptocurrency LiteCoin (LTC). This is not noticeable and it can be easily turned off if you feel cheerless about it.

I loved this distribution. It has everything a privacy conscious person needs, but a gigantic worry I have is that Kodachi developers, Eagle Eye Digital Solutions, by their own admission are working for the Oman government and provide security to private agencies. As a result of this commercial relationship, my belief is that Kodachi developers could be open to blackmail from their employers in the form of contract awards, and they could be comfortably compelled into inserting a backdoor or intentional code bug if needed.

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