Learn computer security and privacy with these mailing lists

There is no need to spend on expensive college fees and teachers that might turn up to be unhelpful or low qualified, the best free way to learn about computer security and privacy is by yourself, practicing, and asking and reading questions at security forums and mailing lists. Below you will find active computer security mailing lists open to everyone.

  • Tor proxy mailing list: The or-talk mailing list is for all discussion about theory, design, and development of Onion Routing, to join the or-talk mailing list, send an e-mail message to “majordomo @ seul.org” with no subject and writing on the email body “subscribe or-talk”.Or-talk archived mailing list:

Computing mailing lists and Usenet groups accessible from the web

An way to access computer related Usenet and mailing lists for those who don’t want or can’t use a Usenet or email client, some of the servers will archive mailing lists as if they were newsgroups, they are read only, in order to post you would still have to be subscribed to the mailing list.

Other Unix related mailing lists

Usenet newsgroups

  • Or-talk can also be accessed as a read only newsgroup via news//:news.mixmin.net (SSL port 563, no username no password). The name of the group is local.lists.tor.talk

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