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How to set up an OpenVPN server easily with GAdmin

The easiest way in Linux to set up your own VPN to protect your Internet connection from eavesdropping is using GAdmin OpenVPN Server, a GTK+ client with GUI that works as a OpenVPN bridge server, you do need to know too much about Linux command line or the Vim editor to edit files, once you install GAdmin OpenVPN Server you will be able to configure everything using a quick point and click mouse.

GAdmin OpenVPN Server is available via Fedora/Debian packages or compiling it from source, you will need to have the Openvpn and bridg-utils packages installed in your server first, after that you have to install GAdmin OpenVPN Server software, search for the words gadmin in the software repository to find it.

GAdmin OpenVPN server software
GAdmin OpenVPN server software

Once installed you can start using GAdmin via GUI and configure the server settings, GAdmin OpenVPN Server can create the necessary digital certificates for you and your choosen users. If you want an alternative to GAdmin with more features, other Linux based distributions used as a firewall also have the capability to set up an OpenVPN server using GUI, some of those distributions are: Untangle and PFSense.

GAdmin OpenVPN Server homepage

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