Walnut Secure Email settings

Walnut Secure Email with P2P end to end encryption

Walnut Secure Email is a cross platform desktop and mobile device software to secure your existing email accounts, Walnut Secure Email works with any free email service like Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail or corporate email servers. The program will encrypt all messages end to end using the uncrackable AES256-bit cipher. After downloading Walnet Secure Email you will be asked to create a Loment ID account, the name of Walnut Secure Email developers, the same ID can be used for other Loment products like Peanut Secure SMS.

You will find preconfigured email settings for Gmail and Yahoo or choose “Other” to enter your own email service SMTP/IMAP server and port. After that you will be presented with a simple screen that has self describing “Write“, “Sent”,”Contacts” and “Inbox” icons. When composing a message you will be given the option to set an expire date for the message, after which nobody will be able to read it, forwarding and copying can also be restricted and you can ask for an electronic receipt when somebody reads the email.

Walnut Secure Email settings
Walnut Secure Email settings

Message expiration can be as little as 5 minutes, other nifty options are scheduling email delivery, where you write an email, save it and schedule automatica delivery the next day or week. Companies will welcome email template creation and Walnut Secure Email HIPPA legislation compliance, a USA law that forces health care providers to use encryption to store data. The desktop Walnut Secure Email program has been coded in Java, a system independent programming language, if you have Java installed the software will work with Windows, Mac or Linux. Android and iPhone/iPad apps are available in the respective stores.

The good points of Walnut Secure Email are that you don’t need any new email account for it to work, encryption is end to end and it can be used in any computer or mobile device. The bad points are that, besides not being free, the other end will have to be using Walnut Secure Email software to be able to read and send encrypted messages, and the program is not open source.

The lineaments point towards a tool targeted at corporations and not end users. If it was me in charge of the IT department, I would ratherget a Hushmail business account for all of the company users so that no multiple settings are needed and there is no need to take care of email servers, initially it works out more expensive than Walnut Secure Email but when counting support staff costs, it might not.

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