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Review VPN provider IPVanish

IPVanish VPN provider has thousands of available IPs,their servers can be found scattered all over the world in places as exotic as Japan, Malaysia, Austria, Spain, USA, Canada and many more. Some locations have various servers, making this VPN provider one of the biggest out there, with the added benefit that there is no bandwidth limit.

IPVanish prices are reasonable and their services can be used in Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well as mobile devices like the iPad/iPhone, Android (LT2P&PPTP) and dd-wrt compatible routers. The digital certificates to connect to their severs can be downloaded from within your control panel, that will allow you to use IPVanish in any Unix operating systems able to run OpenVPN, like OpenBSD, NetBSD or Solaris.

OpenVPN Windows client 

I have been with IPVanish for two weeks now, their proprietary OpenVPN Windows client is the most inadequate OpenVPN client I have ever seen. Every time you launch IPVanish VPN client you will see a popup a window that says “verifying application requirements” and it makes you wait for a few seconds, after that the client will download the list of servers and will start pinging all of them waiting for the response time. A very bad idea when you have dozens of servers, you can expect wasting a minute of your time while server pings resolve, not happy with that, in the middle of the session every certain length of time the VPN client will refresh the ping rate stopping you from changing server until it has finished.

This is not even necessary, as the ping rate alone does not determine the best VPN server, you also need to know the server load which can only be found in IPVanish control panel, the software wastes your time for nothing. IPVanish VPN client preferences allow you to save your username and password, and that is about as much freedom as you will get out of the settings.

VPN provider IPVanish
VPN provider IPVanish

Once you are connected to a server it will be difficult for you to know if you remain connected and what server is the one you are using, the green/red button (see screenshot) is very tiny and there is no clear indication of what server you are using except by a cryptic server name that is meant to show the server country location.

IPVanish server speed 

Server speed was fine, tested from Europe, USA servers can get 6 to 8Mbps, Canadian servers were on 2Mbps and European servers reached around 9Mbps (my home ISP is 10Mbps), during all this time I didn’t find any noticeable slow down, just the usual Asian servers making it difficult for me to browse the Internet because I am too far from them (ping rate problem),  nothing unusual. I was able to watch online USA/Canada TV, none of IPVanish servers I used were blocked by Hulu, GlobalTV or Slacker Radio, what I did find is that some of their servers in Spain, Sweden and Malaysia are falsely reported in different locations by various websites, IPVanish claims that they escalate these issues with geolocation software vendors but it takes time for the database to update because the companies providing these services treat it as a low priority.

IPVanish support quality 

I contacted support through their forums asking how long they keep connection logs, I was told that at the moment IPVanish keeps logs for 30 days, this can be obviously changed any time they like and since the details are not included anywhere in their privacy policy you will never know for sure, maybe by next week log keeping will be 5 years or 5 days, no way of knowing other than asking daily. I also contacted support once through email, it only took them a few hours to get back to me, just unlucky that support did not paid too much attention to my message because kept asking the same questions all the time, in fairness, I noticed that there were two different people dealing with the ticket but they should be reading the messages from the beginning instead of keep asking the same all over again, in the end I got my problem solved by a third person. Altogether it felt amateurish and not professional, specially as I never got a reply to my forum question when I was told they would find out.

Conclusion IPVanish review 

If you are a Windows user I would stay away from IPVanish until they release a better VPN client, I know of small VPN companies that beat IPVanish OpenVPN client hands down, once they solve that problem this provider can compete with the big league, until then I would call IPVanish low standard and it is a pity that what looks like a big company could not invest the necessary resources releasing a decent Windows OpenVPN client.

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