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GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio file and folder encryption

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio is a free tool for file and folder encryption available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu), Solaris, HP-UX and any other Unix system with Java installed, it can be used for personal or business purpose.

User data will be stored in the user/.opengpgstudio directory, the software can create a compatible Diffie-Hellman or RSA OpenPGP keypair of up to 4096 bit, it supports compression with zip and zlip, encryption algorithms AES128/192/256, Blowfish, Cast5, Des, 3Des, Safer and Twofish with hashing support for MD5, RIPEMD160 and SHA512, your personal security choices are set going to File>Preferences.

OpenPGP Studio interface is very simple with just five buttons to create an encryption key, delete it, import and export keys, in one of the tabs you can manage your encryption keys and the second “OpenPGP Tasks” tab gives you access to browsing your hard drive selecting the file or folder you would like to encrypt and digitally sign.

OpenPGP Studio file encryption
OpenPGP Studio file encryption

Encrypted files are saved by default output as binaries .pgp but you can choose to save them as text (ASCII Armored), encrypting a file in .asc mode will make it easy for you to transmit it when no attachments can be added, opening the encrypted .asc with a text editor allows you to copy and paste the text content into any form, after encrypting a file or folder you are shown a confirmation window, the encryption log can be saved as .html.

The shortcomings I found in OpenPGP Studio were the lack of a password strength meter when you create the masterkey and an easy way to encrypt text messages, it doesn’t come with any text editor, the only way for you to encrypt text would be saving it first in a file and then encrypt it as external file.

I don’t think this software is too suitable for continual email communication as it is too cumbersome having to use an external editor to compose the messages first, another thing I found missing is being able to easily upload your public key to a key server, there isn’t a way to do this with the software interface, besides that, OpenPGP Studio is a convenient way to create encrypted OpenPGP compatible files and well-suited for beginners.

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