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Encrypted business collaboration platform Crypho

Crypho is a cloud based application to securely chat and share notes and files in real time, encryption is end to end, not even the staff managing the collaboration platform can access the information.

There is no need to install anything to run Crypho in your computer, encryption and key management runs in the background. Before uploading data to Crypho everything is already encrypted with AES256-bit enforced applying the Stanford Javascript Crypto Library, a cross browser open source library for cryptography in Javascript.

To open an account in Crypho you will need to enter a valid email address that has to be confirmed clicking on a link, enter a passphrase that will be used to gather entropy when generating your encryption keys and set up a double factor authentication using your mobile phone.

Encrypted Collaboration Platform Crypho
Encrypted Collaboration Platform Crypho

Crypho requires you to confirm a mobile phone number where you will be sent a verification code to log into the system, this guarantees that even if someone learns of your password account, people would still be unable to login without owning your smartphone.

It is the same security system that Google and Yahoo accounts operate to login but in Crypho the two factor authentication is compulsory in other places it is usually only optional.

This is a simple and quick to deploy solution for any business worried about data leaks, employees and customers will not have to learn how Crypho works or manage any kind of encryption keys. A platform that will be useful for companies with a remote workforce or to finalize confidential business conferences with your customers.

Unlike similar collaboration platforms, in Crypho you don’t have to trust the company to take care of your data security because they never have the capability of accessing it, you only need to trust Crypho to be able to keep the servers online.

A supplementary extra, if you are worried about NSA backdoors, Crypho headquarters and servers are all located in Norway. The company does not have to comply with USA or UK secret spying orders. Crypho has also signed the manifesto about Ubiquitous Encryption on the XMPP Network committing to set up perfect forward secrecy, a technology that uses ephemeral encryption keys rendering them useless after the first usage.

I don’t think you can go wrong with Crypho if your company has a need for privacy and it uses the Internet to share files and messages in between staff or customers, no more explaining to people what they have to download for secure communications and no more having to make sure that the software you use is compatible with theirs, Crypho solves all of those problems at once, saving you time with a very secure zero knowledge platform.

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