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5 different ways to bypass Hulu block on VPN providers

As of today, Hulu has decided to pro-actively block people using a VPN service to watch their TV programs. It is still possible to access Hulu with a VPN but it takes lots of trying and testing to find and IP that has not been blocked.

Here you can find five different ways to get around the company close minded approach to reducing piracy:

  1. Hulu is only a platform to watch videos that other people produce, all of the CWTV shows that Hulu offers can be watched online at, NBC shows that Hulu offers can be watched at and CBS shows that Hulu offers can be watched at
  2. Forget about American video websites, you can watch the same licensed shows in Canadian video websites like and, using a Canadian VPN of course.

    Canada Online TV
    Canada Online TV
  3. Get a VPN provider with a static dedicated computer IP that is not shared with anybody else, for example, VPN4ALL offers this service at no extra charge.
  4. Use a DNS based USA TV unblocking service that does not need software installation and does everything in the backfround, like TorGuard SmartDNS
  5. Rent a VPS and set up your own VPN USA proxy just for you. If you don’t have the time to learn how to do this use a VPS service that comes with a point and click VPN installer like MyHosting VPS

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